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The Problem of Parental Nonadherence In Clinical Behavior Analysis: Effective Intervention Is Not Enough

Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids

Keith D. Allen and William J Warzak – 2000
Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis
Link: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1901/jaba.2000.33-373/abstract

The verdict is out: Clinical intervention means so little when parent intervention is inadequate. This is something behavioral analysts , therapists, and even school teachers have always known to be true. This in-depth research analysis by Allen & Warzak (2000), looks into the several reasons why parent implementation of therapy programs can sometimes be ineffective. The reasons range from inadequate training to weak rule following. In my opinion, the most prevalent reason is competing contingencies  dubbed “negative reinforcement trap” ( Allen & Warzak, 2000). This means the removal of a problem behavior by “giving in” can be reinforcing for parents by providing fast and reliable relief from “all that screaming”, probably more than the strict program that was given to them by the behavior analyst.  However, seeing that “ the success of an intervention is dependent not only upon its effectiveness but also upon its precise delivery by a clinician and the consistency with which parents implement that treatment with all of its essential features” (Allen & Warzak, 2000), we need to be extra vigilant with the effort we put into parent training, parent resources and support.

As a therapist, I tend to refer back to the work of Christina Conner, BCBA, who never fails at providing excellent simplistic  parent training manuals and data sheets.  Find them at: pradigimbehavior.com

An Analysis of Autism as a Contingency-Shaped Disorder of Verbal Behavior

Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids

Philip W. Drash, Autism Early Intervention Center and Roger M. Tudor, Westfield State College
The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, 2004
Link: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2755437/pdf/anverbbehav00025-0007.pdf

Of the most thought-provoking article I have come across ( completely by accident btw). This article goes beyond the neurobiological causes of autism, and sees them instead through the eyes of contingency-shaped learned behavior and the contributing factors behind them. The ultimate aim of this paradigm shift is to better serve research and treatment of autism by looking at it through a new lense. After going through this article, early intervention would stand out as the sole key to achieving maximum potential.

Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids


 The Informed Parent- A Science-Based Resource for Your Child’s First Four Years

Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids

Authors: Tara Haelle and Emily Willingham, PHD
Originally Published : April 2016
Ordered from Librairie Antoine, took a few long weeks to arrive.
Verdict: Why didn’t you buy it yet?

As soon as i saw “ science-based”, I was sold!  To a behavioral analyst, anything science and evidence based is inherently attractive. That’s what pushed me to buy ,and read, this parenting book. Knowing that there’s plenty of them out there, it was a relief to see that this one was finally based on real evidence.

Basically, what the authors Haelle and Willingham did is:

  1. gathered up ally the research on the most common parenting issues (like prenatal care, delivery, sleeping issues, screen time,etc..)
  2. read them.
  3. analyzed them
  4. summarized them
  5. gave us the conclusions on a silver platter.

This means that a lot of what they provided ended up being “ the research was inconclusive” like many of the parenting issue. The biggest takeaway from this book was “ there’s no right way to do it”. Also, don’t believe everything you hear, if there’s a study done on it, then time and effort was put into basing the findings on facts, which we all should rely on more frequently that opinion. Kudos to the authors who ,I believe, are behavior analysts at heart.

This book is must read for anyone who wants to become a parents, is expiating, or is already parenting. If you are looking for answers, or for more questions, this is the place to find them.

Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids