Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids

About Asmahan Saleh Khalil, Msc, BCBA

Asmahan obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Special Education from the American University of Beirut (AUB) and a Master’s of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University. Asmahan has been working as a behavioral therapist for children over the past 7 years. She works with children who have behavioral issues including but not limited to, ASD, ADHD, and developmental delays. Currently, Asmahan is the BCBA at Base Kids Clinic and the Program Consultant at Lebanon Evangelical School for Boys and Girls (LESBG). She is also the Behavior Specialist at the ParentWise project. Her special focus includes early intervention and school integration, as well as raising awareness regarding ABA and its application on human behavior.


Base Kids aims to provide behavior consultation, assessment, therapy, and parenting workshops for understanding and intervening with child behavior issues and concerns. We ultimately seek improve the quality of life for each child and his/her loved ones. The intervention strategies and therapy will constantly be in synchronization with the current research findings from the most experienced scholars in the field of behavior analysis.
Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids


  • The founding of BASe Kids stemmed out of a need for quality early intervention and parent training services for children and families in Lebanon. As an undergraduate at the American University of Beirut, I dove into the field Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) and I was captivated by its evidence-based core. This got me seeking a deeper knowledge and understanding of the applicability of Behavior Analysis be seeking out a Masters of Science in Psychology with an emphasis in ABA, as well as the Board Certification for ABA. Unfortunately, I, along with many of the families and therapist, have come to find a lot of time and resources wasted into trail-and-error intervention in a child’s earlier years. Parents are often confused about basic parenting issues, and lack the resources to find intervention that are applicable, yet effective.
  • We started BASe with the hope of reaching out to as many families through as many doors as we could find. It is with encouragement, teamwork, and persuasion that we shed a light on behavioral analysis as the only scientifically proven evidence based intervention. Along with the members of our team, we would like to see nothing more than ABA becoming a part of our household, general education, special education, and vocational programs.

Applied Behavior Analysis services for kids lebanon basekids


At Base Kids, our beliefs and values are the cornerstones of our practice. Some of these values are:
  •  Understanding: We always exert our efforts into understanding the relationship dynamics between families, children, schools, and therapists. This also applies to a more personal underrating of a learner’s individual abilities, a family’s individual capability and needs, as well as a school’s individual efforts with the student. We reflect this understanding by individualizing each assessment, program, and workshop to the needs of our clients.
  •   Transparency: At Basekids we deal with the most valued individuals and their progress, which ultimately affect the quality of their life. For that reason, we understand and encourage the participation of all parties involved in that child’s life, including but not limited to, parents, teachers caretakers, and all members of the family who wish to partake in, or observe, the therapy sessions. We practice the utmost transparency during and after our meetings and sessions.
  •   Evidence-based procedure: At the heart of Applied Behavior Analysis lies the need for evidence based practice and programs. For that reason, at Basekids, we base all our decisions and intervention on evidence collected from the child or a qualified observer. Based on that data, rather than speculation, we proceed in modifying, increasing, or decreasing intervention.
  • Team work: A vital part of any successful program is teamwork and collaboration between all parties involved. At Basekids we seek to work hand-in-hand with any Speech, Occupational or external therapist in order to best meet the child’s needs.